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What I Hate About Introductions

I find them utterly boring, that’s all there is to it. While I do think it’s useful to know something about the author of a text in order to better understand the message, a dedicated introduction post is such a turn off for me.

I figured I’d take the Blizzard approach on this matter of introductions: learn by playing, or in this case – by reading. Besides, even if I started explaining who I am and what I think or believe I’d probably get it all wrong. I’ve found people’s opinions of themselves tend to be more or less inaccurate, and I think the information you’d expect in an introduction post is best conveyed between the lines of posts dedicated to something altogether different.

Actually, screw that. I’ll tell you something about myself right here (internal conflict!!!!). I like graphic illustrations, such as the one below. They give a lot of information at a quick glance, like this particular picture says basically all of the above. I shall call it “the TL;DRicon.”

Anyway, I think this was supposed to be a WoW blog or something, so I’ll give it a go. It’s funny actually, I’m writing a WoW blog although I don’t really even enjoy it so much these days. It’s like a blind guy writing articles about movies. In other words, totes awesome.

What I hate about World of Wacraft.

Heroics. Oh the drudgery. I mostly run dungeons as a DPS so here’s basically how it goes:

  1. Join the queue
  2. Spend 30 minutes fishing and waiting for the queue to pop (I never really fish, I just want to sound more productive than I really am)
  3. Join the PUG hell
  4. Spend the entire dungeon hoping it’ll be over soon and you can get your VP
  5. Repeat
  6. lol

Raids. Undivided attention for more than 3 hours. Anyone who knows me knows that 3 hours of focusing on one thing is just not my style. Back when I raided I had to keep spamming the raid chat to get the required division of focus.

2V2 Arenas. 40 minute matches that end in a tie, need I say more?

Rated Battlegrounds. Wait, nevermind, I actually like those.

Professions. Grinding materials for X hours to get Y item and ditch it the next patch. Yay.

Now I must say I’ve been a victim of all of the above during my 5 years of World of Warcraft, or is it 6? Who’s counting. I know, my credit card is! Okay, let’s try and stay on the topic. I’ve been a part of a few raiding guilds (really just the same guild collapsing a reforming mostly). In raiding guilds the main activities are raiding and heroics, and I used to enjoy them alright – I think I stopped liking them because bilzzread sucks 2day. Or maybe I just like different things. Also done my fair share of arenas, never really reached any proper rankings but I think I have the 300 victories achi + some on alts. As for professions, I grinded archeaology until I got the pattern for the Sandstone Drake and then I grinded the materials for it. Oops. Either way, I figured I’d TL;DRiconify this one as well – alors voilĂ :

PS. I know it’s just arranged text, but hey – try making those using a typewriter! –> They’re pictures.

Anyways, why am I writing this blog? Well, Zel and I thought it’d be fun to write something from the perspective of someone who’s not enjoying the game right now and I also thought it’d be nice to have someplace for me to write about other shizzle I’m into. VoilĂ ! L’ introduction!

PSS. Also, they’re JPEGs.