Stopping to Smell the Roses

I was browsing MMO Champion this morning and they had a link to Method’s Dragon Soul movie. It is a little bit more narrative based look at the fights and an approach I heartily approve of. Here it is, if you haven’t seen it:-

Now as much as I don’t particularly like Dragon Soul, watching this movie made me realise something. I’ve paid absolutely zero attention to the dialogue of bosses and NPC past the Morchok trash. A huge part of this is due to the fact that Immortalis mowed through the Normal Modes and that I was Raid Leading all that time so my focus was elsewhere but it’s also down to the fact that because Dragon Soul doesn’t resonate with me, I pretty much don’t care about the dialogue or story.  Yeah, I watched the RP at the top of Wyrmrest on night 1 and rolled my eyes at Kalecgos’ hilarious technobabble justification for Blizzard re-cycling the Eye of Eternity zone and tuned out after that – ‘The focusing iris within the Eye of Eternity may allow us to converge the magical matrix contained within the Dragon Soul!’

Riiiight. 😀

All joking aside, it was quite illuminating to listen to some of the dialogue as presented in the movie but my favorite part is the Ultraxion segment. When we’re doing the fight on Normal or Heroic (downed last night \o/), I’m paying far more attention to timers and calling things out than watching Ultraxion. I’ve never noticed how epic it actually looks, nor how Ultraxion’s Hour of Twilight is actually a Kamehameha attack! 😀

I also realised that I’ve never watched the ingame cinematics for Dragon Soul at all – I’ve always hit Escape because they happen at such inconvenient times – the first happens while I’m sorting Ultraxion loot. The second while we’re engaging a boss. Okay, fine I have no excuse for the last cinematic other than I didn’t really care by the time we killed Deathwing. I must admit, watching the final cinematic makes me cringe at the dialogue – anytime a character has to solemnly tell you that ‘Everything is okay, the <insert story name here> is over’ is just a narrative fail.

Excuse the last bits of negativity, I did really enjoy watching the movie and you should too! For those that have never seen it, you should check out Ulduar: The Movie too – a far superior effort than this one for a far superior raid:-


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  1. #1 by Vuuk on February 21, 2012 - 8:15 am

    I would really like a global “skip all cinematics” option in DS.

    I’ve had moments where I jumped a few meters off my chair because of the cinematics being so loud and sudden, too [the one right after Spine is the worst].

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