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Hi guys,

it’s been a while since I posted anything but frankly, I’ve been equal parts busy and unmotivated recently. Raiding’s not been all that fulfilling for various reasons as Patch 4.3 hasn’t really resonated with me – the fights in Dragon Soul normal mode have become sleep inducing of late. On top of that, having lost our mage and warlock due to burnout and boredom with the game, as well as being melee heavy means that we have some severe raid comp issues and slow progression on Hard Modes. As Hard Modes are the only content that any of us are interested in (and credit where credit is due to Blizz, while we’ve found the Normal Modes to be undertuned and boring, the Hard Modes so far have been quite fun and challenging), I’ve been unmotivated to raid or blog about raiding.

I’ll be attempting to continue my Positioning series over the next few days or weeks, while also posting a bunch of other articles I’ve had percolating in various stages of completion.

On top of that, I think I’m going to try and make this blog a little more focused on the three areas that I’m actually interested in writing about:-

1) Tanking

2) Speculation about past and future Blizzard content and design decisions

3) Being positive!

Hopefully I’ll have a proper article up in a couple of days!


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Insight into The Drunk Tank’s Blogology

Yes, he tanks drunk most of the time. She doesn't drink that much, she's just funny.

The Drunk Tank and The Vorty Priest meet in Darnassus to talk weighty matters such as the global recession, the Occupy Wall Street movement and Michael Bay movies.


Yes, an inteligent introduction to our blog. Bask in my maturity.

I kind of wanted to avoid doing an introduction post as I’m just very bad at them. However, I’m stuck. There’s a whole bunch of things I want to blog about, ranging from upcoming content to current content, encounter design, speculation and of course, warrior tanking. But the more I sat down to try and write about this stuff, the more I thought it lacked context. You need to know a bit about me, where I’m from, what I’m doing etc!

So an introduction of sorts is in order. Dammit! Just what I wanted to avoid!

So, taking it from the top, I started playing WoW at the start of TBC and I have always been a tank and a damn good one. /pride

I play a warrior on The Sha’tar-EU, a low pop RP server. I love tanking and the warrior class. I’ve gone DPS every now and again but frankly, my DPS isn’t anything worth writing home about. I do above average DPS but as it’s not my main spec so I never get to practice outside of the occaisonal 5 man heroic and therefore just don’t really care about topping the meters as a good little DPS should do.

I’ve been an officer in the top guild on my server and then GM of the guild that formed after that¬†guild disbanded. My guild is called Immortalis and after running it for 2 years while also doing all the raid leading, I finally got to the point where I didn’t have the time or motivation to do so anymore. So, I stepped down as GM, became a regular member and more recently an officer again. Throughout my time in Immortalis, I’ve pretty much always been the Raid Leader and Main Tank, for better or worse.

Right now, Immortalis has a bunch of server first achievements (which I’ll go into in another post) – that’s achievements, not realm first boss kills. We’ve completed our Glory of the Cataclysm Raider, Glory of the Firelands Raider, killed Sinestra, gotten to 6/7 Heroic in Firelands and are currently progressing on Ragnaros Heroic. I’m happy with our progress, though we are behind some of the other guilds on the server. I’m aiming to be a lot more aggressive in terms of progression when 4.3 comes along but again, something for another post.

No longer being GM has given me some more free time and decreased my stress load to the point where I actively have time to do other stuff. There is a running joke in my guild about my drunkeness as well as my propensity to pun (oh, such horrors await you, readers!). So, late one night last week, I was saying to my partner in crime, Vorty, how awesome it is that some of my friends have WoW blogs¬†and I’d love to have one of my own. Vorty wanted to share her opinions about stuff too and so we conspired to make a blog together. And here we are. Vorty will be along in a while to make an introductory post of her own. It’ll be at least 43% funnier than this one. She’s like that, random, hilarious and awesome.

So, what’s this blog going to be about? Well, sooner or later I’ll cover everything from Mists of Pandaria, Raiding, Tanking, Warrioring and general WoWing. I’ll talk about future content and past content. What I’d like to see, what I speculate may be on the horizon. I’ll wax lyrical about my past glories and triumphs. I’ll bitch and moan about things in WoW that I dislike. But something else I really want to do is be positive about the upcoming expansion.

By now, it’s been a while since Mists of Pandaria was confirmed as the next expansion and the WoW forums are full of indignant QQ about how it’s lame to play panda men (and women), how Blizzard are ripping off Kung-Fu Panda, ripping off Pokemon, how the new talent system is dumbing down the game and catering to casuals, blah blah blah. I would have thought that the vitriol would have died down by now but ah, well.

Speaking personally, I’m looking forward to the next expansion, it looks really fun! Unfortunately, the sheer level of hatred aimed at Mists of Pandaria found in the WoW Forums and MMO Champion just depresses me. I just can’t brows for information about stuff at those sites anymore because it just harshes my buzz, yo. I just kind of wish people would stop being so negative and just try and have some fun. So yeah, this blog will be a counterpoint to that every now and again.

Anyways, this being an introductory post, there’s not much in the way of interesting content. I’ll have a look at the MoP Warrior talent trees in a future post as I’m still playing around and thinking them through – not that that’s saying much, warriors have the most straightforward talents of all the classes. I’ll also spend some time going through the other aspects of Mists of Pandaria such as PvE Scenarios, Pet Battle Systems, Lore, Beta-ing and all the other stuff you’ll find in a typical WoW blog, though I’ll try and stay focused on warrioring and tanking.

But for now, an introduction post is all you’ll get!

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