About The Drunk Tank

I started playing WoW just after The Burning Crusade came out. I never intended to really play the game, I just ended up with a free copy as payment for some work I did. A week into my free trial, I started to make some friends within the game. A couple of months later, I ended up joining a large, friendly social guild called Athanatoi. At the time, the guild was one of the larger RP based social guilds on the server but was also making some tentative forays into raiding.

Fast forward a few more months and I’m main tanking in Black Temple, competing for server firsts as we’ve become a bit more serious about raiding.

Somewhere along the line I became an officer and even ended up running the guild all by lonesome as officers quit left, right and centre due to conflicting ideologies about how the guild should be run. These conflicts eventually ended up in an amicable guild disband and myself and some others reforming as Immortalis, a guild that still exists today.

However, things are very different. We’re now a successful and dedicated 10 man raiding guild and ironically, a lot more relaxed! This blog will be about my experiences as an officer, guild master, main tank and raid leader as well as my thoughts on past and upcoming content, game design, encounter design and of course, playing a warrior tank.


About The Vorty Priest

I also started playing WoW just after The Burning Crusade came out.

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